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if you are looking for a wallpaper of Jesus Christ for your computer so you can have it on your desktop background i like the wallpapers at wallpaperama.com

they have some nice wallpapers of Jesus you can put on your computer desktop and that way when you are on your computer you can be reminded that Jesus Will Always Be With You

Lord Jesus Christ Coming

zareen christie patel
jesus is our loving savior,,,,he forgives our sins!!!!
roya taj
i love u my dear sweet jesus i love u sooooooooooooooo much plz forgive my all sins
rathan raj...............
he was my father my lord my saviour my friend my hiding place my king ....... so i can ever ""glorifies" him
jesus is my father and my lord jesus is so great.and my jesus is my everything..my lots of love you jesus.i can'express in my god miracales ...my jesus is so great in the world
hasini uday
i love u jesus.pls help all the people.and more over pls bless me.pls change my way of talking.
jesus is my friend
jesus is my shepered. i love jesus
a sharavan kumar
i love jesus
jesus is my provider and protector
jesus is real god in world
jesus is our well wisher and our father
it was really good
i love yu jesus /

shanti sudha
i love my jesus
subhabrata guha
my lord,you know all the aches and pains of my heart.here i pray for the girl i have loved so much.bless bristy so much.heal her all pains and troubles.keep her and her parents safe and secured from every disease and every evil eye.bring her in my life as my everything.u r my only hope.make my way my lord.i always praise ur name and u know i will do till the end of time..
i love you jesus and my family
you are my god and my all,i love you jesus
jesus is great
jansi mary
i love my jesus very much in this world... with out my god jesus i cant come in this world,still my death i praise my god jesus.... my dad jesus is very very very wonder full god innthis worls... pls all my brother & my sisters love my jesus and see the miracle in your life... praise the lord jesus... jesus loves you all...
jesus is real hero in world
brian cliff daniel.
lord jesus,
i thank for all that you have done in my life.
oh jesus help to all person, and fulfill their wish
vanavasa buadromo
jesus is our saviour and our salvation. lord will protect his people....
its true i love jesus
naresh naidu
he is my friend where i express every thing to him and loves him so much, all the times praise him becoz he is great
james mande
i love jesus for the life he has given me, lord jesus forgive me i am not worthy to stand before your throne or to collect the leftover on your holy table please jesus christ forgive my sins and make me a vessel to preach your word. i pray that whoever shall be touched lets do to evangelize gods word. i need a sponsor to stand with me in a church mission.my email is mondayjoram-[ at ]-gmail.com. remain blessed from kenya
rahul kalidas.....
i love "u" jesus. today&everyday.

"jesus love u&me"
regina aruldoss
jesus is my dad,my savior i love u father.i need only u.
i love typing this name jesus , my sweet jesus
my father
my friend
thanku lord.... jesuse... whatever u have given toi me in my life.... i thank u for ur everday stayning and keeping me well and my entire family. friend. love.. i put all of us in ur feet to take care of us.... thanku lord.
jesus pls solve my health problem.and thank ful to u.you change my way of talking.i love u jesus
nilesh kumar
i love him , his my way and my saviour
steffy philomina
belive in jesus.u vl be happy for ever.
jesus the reailly god
i luv u jesus
i love u lord jesus u are the only one lord in the whole university and i trust u , u help who are in problem and who belives in u there going in life in highyer post thanking you lord jesus belive in lord jesus you and your family will be very happy lord jesus loves us prays the lord
john joseph
my god is powerfull
love of my heart jesus
mary magi mano
jesus is the true god. all brothers and sisters, the days are going to end. so believe in the lord and get redeemed.
my loving father jesus, i love you so much. you are wonderful, matchless, merciful, precious. i love you appa.
i just want to thank jesus for all the sacrifices he bore just to save us.. though we are not worthy but because of the great love of the lord..we het what we dont deserve..i've change..it is not i who lives in me..but jesus christ..thank you lord..i love you jesus..
jesus is my best friend
agyo ben
you are the pillar that holds my life,you are the reason why i am living,life without you is meaningless.
k.m. srinivasan
jesus is only one god. he is great for my ever life. he has forgiven my sins and he takes me as a vessel. he always protect my family, my job and daughters studies .hence i am nothing in presence of you, my god.
rohit (punjab)
i love jesus
ilove you
i love jesus
""jesus the one and only""
prises the lord
paul krupa
jesusis my hero
jesus is my loving god.. i love him for ever and ever..
manoj vc & family
jesus i love you.
jesus god please mere son ko teekh kar do or mere jeevan mai khushia ho
jesus only in the lord of world. jesus love to all people. i love to jesus only. u ?
sagar samrat
thank you lord
"i love the almighty who was always being with us"..... glory to jesus....
thank you jesus for protecting me.
thank you for keeping me save.
thank you, for keeping me save and protecting me.
rajshekar reddy
jesus is one of the great in the world
belived in jesus , you are saved
save the people from their sins.....
i love you jesus.aap meri mummy ko thik kar do please.ilove you jesus
a believer
lord i see you in the girl whom i love very much.she is suffering to much and that too without any reason lord please have mercy on your kids and cure her fast. in the name of our lord. amen
i love god for ever & i love jesus

lord my father, sory for i hav sinned against you although you warned me many times,i ignored your voice. sory pls forgiv me and make as a good child i am a big sinner o lord pls help me to come out of this sinful nature. i wanna be a god child of you. i wanna preach your gospel to the world.. o lord pls give strength to overcome temptations. i am feeling soo guilty to pray to you i i hav sinned, i kno ur love never ends u'll forgive me plsss father help me o lord make me a good child of you. amen
sanjay abraham
i am very much thankfull to you whatever you did in my life.i'm nothing without you.i want to be your sheep,please give me success in my life.
please jesus stop my pain. i believe in you i always have but nothing gets done to help me. take away my pain take away everyones pain who believes in you. i love you jesus your my friend family everything to me. i will do anything for you if you stop my pain. i love you jesus.
sunil thomas nr pura
oh my god jesus i love you
walk in the path of justice, hepl ohters without expectation.
lord will be with you always.
frazier frm goa verna
jesus christ i accepted that im a sinner infront of u so plz forgive all my sins thankyou jesus i love u. praise the lord
stephen a bodigadla

i want you lord ..
jesus love all
jesus is the way,truth and life.
i need jesus everytime
nitin lokhande
jesus u are everything for me, how can i forget u, in my every breath i feel your presence and i remember u, i love u
jeasus love you all becouse he is our father.
jesus hamare dil me hai
anoop kumar
god is kindly to help us..........
sagar juneja love maahi
oh my lord ..open the eyes of my heart oh lord..open the eyes of my heart oh lord ..i want to see you.my father..i love u jesus i love u so much oh lord you live in my heart in my life oh god i love u .so much love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u uu u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u oh my god listen me my god .i love u my yeshu masih
I thank you our God & Jesus, for letting me live as long as I have. I also know that when my time comes to be with you that I will be happer than I have ever been. Lord please take care of my family & me. Just know that I love you more than anything & I will be with you someday before long. Bless my Mother who is almost 95 & has dementia, she has lived for you her whole life. Bless my three children, grandchildren & great grandchildren. Dear God, please help me to worship you more & for me to always know you are there for me & others.
pres the load............ jejus..... thank u... yishu tu he mahan ................... love
praise the lord
the second wallpaper will fit great on your iphone do you think?
this is a better iphone wallpaper
ok, i will try to put my wallpaper back agaoin
this is where He is coming from the clouds
jesus is my rider and also my real friend
The lord is my light, Seek ye first the kigdom,
i thank the lord for bring me close to my 2 new for god bring them to me
Jesus is my life.
i am expecting jesus soon back
jesus come back soon i am waiting for u my saviour
jesus my lord-----jesus your lord-----jesus our lord---jesus my saviour-----jesus your saviour----jesus our saviour-----yes--yes--yes is real god-----jesus says for without me you can do nothing....( come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and i will give you rest...!
Dear GOD, Thank You so much for Your love... Now, I can proudly say to this world that I am one of the chosen people of GOD! I Love You Soooo Much my Lord JESUS. U Died for our Sins.. Now it's our turn! We are here to Glorify You my Lord.. Help me in the same.. I Need U my Lord, U are my Everything, U are the Life.. I love You & I know that U Love me too, my Lord. Bless Me.. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, Help me tell others about You.. Wheather I Die Or Live until U come, take me to live with U forever in Your Home, In HEAVEN! Amen.
Praise the Lord!
very nice 37
i love the lord and the nice photos
the lord my saviour..i beleve in you alone,,
Parbhu hum sub papi hai hume muaf kar aur humesha hamare sath rehna
apane pap ka prayaschit karo
aur apane dosto ko batao ki bure vyasan chhodo
aur prabhu me aao agar tumne use yishu masiha ke nam se savdhan nahi kiya to usake narg me jane ke karan tum banoge...
Aur apane padosi se prem karo
jay masiha ki
Nice Photo....... I Love Jesus.......
graet wallpaper
JESUS is my Breath.Jesus is my best friend.Jesus is ENAFF for me... Totally Poo is made for Jesus.... I am happy BECOUSE I am in JESUS. And JESUS is with me always....

PLZ COME...........

god bless you
Jesus love so much.Bless the world, and give them your Holy spirit. be with them. protect them form the evil. protect mr jagan mohanreddy and vijayamma, who has done good for the people. thank you lord jesus.bless my family.amen.
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