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Mon Sep 14, 2009


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we all go through this at one time or another.

i seem to go through this alot, alothough, i am sure i am not alone.

you feel like everything is going wrong.

things are not going well for me at work and at home. i am having problems with my boss at work and problems with my mother at home. i dont know what to do. sometimes i wish time would go by so i can get over it. but i know thats not what Jesus wants from me.

its times like this when you really have to show your dedication to Christ and show that you are with him. i know in my heart i am not alone, and somehow, i will get through this through Jesus' Everlasting Mercy.

so if you are also in a difficult situation, dont dispair, for you are not alone. Jesus is with us all.

i pray for all of us to get over our problems soon.
supraja... your child
heavenly father,lord i believe in you,i worship you, i need your help on this earth i am so alone as my lover anil left me.please i am really sorry for all my mistakes.please give me one more chance to love, to live, to win. anil is so loving person i need him is his birthday i could not even call and wish him.i am feeling very very bad i am crying a lot.i am crying every day.i cannot bear this pain.every momnet i am crying for anil at your feet.please father wipe all my tears and please give me my loving anil.please please please i beg you,i pleed with my whole heart.please love me jesus,please lead me jesus.please don not leave me alone in this world.please please understand my pain lord.
archana sam
jesus i am from a mid family and marriade but not happy with life and also family please resolve my problem and give me strength to think and husband is also not taking equal dicision so help me jesus as u know all my problems.
lord jesus i thank you for all you have given me, i thank you for knowing you and saving me. i thank you for the good and the bad. i beg you to have grace and mercy on me and bless me with a license and a job that comes from you. i ask you if you want to place me in a spot that you can use me for the salvation of others and for your glory. i bless you and ask you to clean my heart and keep thanking you until i can see you face to face. please bless me. love, pili
my name is swapna please pray for my job,marriage,and my family should believe in jesus

i love you jesus
please help me god please help you in the 3rd semester exams you give two semesters god markes but iam not study in the semester please help me god my family to save you god and my brother god please helpme so all pepole in world save yougod you are very powerfulgod please me god aman
please jesus please make me feel better and help me know that you are always with me so i don't feel so all alone . i am afraid to die jesus please sit with me always and hold me and make me feel your presence. please jesus forgive me my sins.
parvathi makkina
really iam so upset about my career.please jesus give me one job for me.upto now iam so happy but i need to do the well as give me knowledge,patience to get job.plz pray for me to get job.plz.....................
jesus give me knowledge
k.bajee vara .prasad
lord jesus i am very happythat you are hearing my prayer jesus kindly keep my family strong kindly give my wife patience so that she can understand my parents kindlygive my wife strength and patience so that she can be have normal delivery,give blessing to my child who is yet to come to this world by your blesdsings.amen praise the lord
oh! my jesus i am a great sinner..plz forgive my sins..lead me in your ways..i am dedicating my life to you lord,u r my way,the truth and the life..u r my saviour,i love u jesus
i need strength. everything is falling down around me and i can't do this by myself anymore.
o my jesus pls, pls help me .am many problem,s face today,s life. some cycolagical problems affected me. am just 20 years old. early life my all negative attitudes "sorry for every things " this time am un happy. am full confidence for my god. oh jesus please help me.
lord jesus kindly give me faith and confident so that i can take me own decision jesus please improve my iq and give me determination guts so that i can improve myself as well as my persanality.kindly lord teach me how can i understand your words as well as dreams.i beleave you are hearing my prayer and giving me blessing.thank you and amen
mr marsha edison
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i ask for peace of mind and you lord jesus knows, as i talk to you every night before bed. please help me to find it. thanks lord.
jesus, please help me to get job, i am struggling every time, i accept you as my god please jesus help me.
jesus kindly help me in prayer jesus kindly help me so that i can improve myself in prayer please jesus help me so that my conficence and faith improve kindly give me guidence and improive my will power.thank you father amen
lord jesus please help me jesus i am always get confusion with faith and beleave even though i have faith on you but i don't know why this kind of thought gets in my mind as about confusion about faith.kindly jesus i pray you please help me bless me.thank you lord amen
jesus please phani to love me and say i love you to me he should care about and think about me please make him to love me change his mind to love me please jesus please
thank you father jesus that you have given me this opportunity for communication father i beleave that you are with me and with my family jesus improve my faith in you please teach me guide me jesus kindly bless me for the rly exam which i have given for job.thank you for given this opportunity for workin with sun biz which today i have registered,lord give me strengh and determination.thank you father amen.
merinnage thushari dammik
lord jesus please help me jesus please prayer my mother you are the one of the god i love you jesus aleluiya ,,,,,amen
merinnage thushari dammik
lord jesus i so you message thanks jesus you pray my mother me have uther problem money today that money comeing . please jesus pray to me that money come to my hand this money not onley me that one going four pepople you understand me please bless me thanks jesus i love you jesus aleluiya ...........amen
jesus christ!!!you have blessed me love you for everthing very thankful of your! please restore me on ma job place i'll se very grateful
please do this for me m your daughter you'll have to do this for me please jaldi within 2 or 3 days please m waiting impatiently please my saviour please my lord
lord jesus i beleave you hear my prayer jesus kindly make my will power strong and confident kindly please tell mejesus why i have cried in the chruch premises because lord this is the 1st time have cried this much in the life.please lord explain me please give me blessings for the job.i confidently beleave that you hear my prayer.thank you jesus amen
thank you father thank you jesus today by your blessings i have registered through which i can earn money father kindly give me wistom and knowledge so that i can able to do this father please improve by health and strengh thank you father thank you.amen
dear lord!! its me again please restore me on my job please please i need my place back !another person is working there at my place please i want to be there back please provide jesus as you are jehovah jirah please jesus please the person who is there at my place give her another job much usefull or send her abroad or at any good place but i want my place back please jesus christ you said that you are the door please open this door for me please!! i know that you will give because you have said "whatever you ask from god in my name that will be done for you" please make your words true here m waiting . . . .
my name is elisha please pray for my 3rd semester resels plese help me my family to savi my father mother my brother plese help me
jesus kindly listen my prayer jesus please heal raja's mother as she is in icu kindly jesus please give relif from bed please be with her i beleave you hear my prayer give blessings to my whole family.thank you jesus amen
jesus is our lord and savior. he does not want we upset . he likes us happy
pls god help me im loving a girl but for her marrige is going to held i love her sincerely she also loved me before so pls help me to marry that girl by getting permission from her parents and my parents that girl name is latha pls jesus help me and forgive me and make me good to every one im crying a lot so pls help me for my love pls pls god help me...amen
god pls hlp me i pray to u for my girfiend i am wating her for last 2 yers. she also love me her name is simran she is stays in banglor i lost all acontacts i dont no waht i do but every day i am crying for her jejus pls hlp me only one girl in my life pls god hlp me hlp me god really i say i bilve ur power pls god do somethimg its my hardly rqst to u . amen
jesus rabbi kindly listen to my prayer jesus please help to my brother in law so that he can get job jesus please help him because his family was not in position please jesus help him,and also please help my father so that atleast he can able to built home in kakinada.i beleave you have listen our prayers.thank you rabbi amen.
jesus thank you for giving me this opportunity to communicate with you jesus thank you father kindly keep blessing upon me jesus kindly also be with us in every circumstanses i beleave you have died for me on the cross and shed the blood for my life kindly come into my heart,i am ready to receive you.thank you jesus amen
jesus i am very proud of you that i have got you as a god jesus kindly solve my problem please help me in my personel problems.jesus thank you for hearing my prayer amen
daddy,rabbi good morning lord kindly give me blessings daddy always keep your hand on me daddy i am open the door for you please come in my heart.rabbi please give me blessings kindly lord after six months i will no be able to give any govt exams lord please give me blessings.daddy i am a great sinner kindly have mercy on me .thank you jesus amen.
lord jesus thank you father kindly give me strength lord kindly open the doors for me lord i am a biggest sinner i am sinner from inner from side so lord kindly change my heart and bless me.thank you lord amen
lord jesus thankyou lord for keeping safe and kindly be with us everytime and be with asha lord please forgive me i am a sinner and kindly make my heart soft and change my mind and bless me andopen the doors for my sucess.thank you lord.amen
carl allen
i love you jesus, an i truly believe in you an all you have done for me! im your child! love carl allen
jesus my wonderful daddy i give you very very thanks for giving me child who is yet to come to this world.jesus thankyou lord but jesus how will i survive since i have not enough money to take care lord how long will i depend on my father lord kindly open the doors for myself lord i want to give my father gift of my authority and my money kindly lord open the doors open doors.i beleave you heard amen and thank you lord
jeshurun joseph wilson
please pray for me my 10 class examnation..
jesus i know that you are him my saver, i do not mean to have bad morning but good nights.
jesus forgive me,have mercy upon me forgive me have mercy upo me,kindly forgive me please thank you jesus thankyou jesus thankyou jesus have mercy upon me.amen
lord i know you will provide for me 2day!thank you so much
oh my...jesus i dont know how to say this overwhelmed please have mercy please lord,i dont know why things turned out this way for me and my family,i dont understand please have mercy,have mercy lord have mercy.
oh lord, forgive my sins. father, give me strength, knowledge, courage. i want to learn all god words "knowledge" by heart. and be your child. i hope in the lord jesus. help me have a good life, to be good girl and to turn away from sins. open the blind eyes, unlock the deaf ears, come to your people as we draw near. amen! love you lord jesus. %u2665
lord jesus thank you jesus thank you jesus last two days i really cannot forget jesus kindly help me help me help my wife and his mother kindly give them conficence kindly lord lord it is a gift but i know that if you want every thing is possible and i beleave you will do for all i say in jesus name kindly accept.amen and thank you lord for giving me blessings.
lord jesus help me to overcome the immense problems i am facing me
oh,lord im not getting the words to write here,pls help me...where are you...everyday im calling you its uncountable,im thinking abt my jesus its uncountable...pls pls help a poor man with very sensitive lord come and help me plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
lord jesus give me the strength to overcome all the problems i am goin tru, guide me lord i can't do this without you
please help me jesus to be normal person, to love as a normal person and not be lonely and to contribute to society======
jesus please give me back my will
nilu maladeniya
i ask god to forgive as i have brought same to my family and myself. all these years i have been a faithful devoted christian and fallen into temptation but lord saved me at the last minute. i brought disgrace as did not think of my acts twice. i do not know how you could forgive lord. have mercy on me
i love my wife lord i have fallen and done many sins you know the deepest part of my heart my wife lord!!! my precious wife i love her
your child!
lord, our father god. please with all that is good within me, let it be! thank you, i love you amen
lord jesus christ, help us please, i messed up and my family is suffering everyday...
please help us find a shelter for the kids and my wife, when i go to jail.. i regret my sins oh lord, please help us...
o god give me my own child i m suffring for infartility since 8 yr i m very dipress pls god give me a child

lordjesus please help me jesus please help me as you said in the bible blessed are those who has not seen me and also beleaving me jesus kindly improve my faith improve my faith jesus my mind and my consiousness always disturbing kindly please improve kindly be with me i beleave you heard and given answer to my prayer and i close this in the name of jesus amen
father thankyou thank you lord thank you lord please listen to my prayer jesus i beleave you will hear lord today my dad went to kakinada,kindly be with him until he reaches please be with her and kindly solve every problem whatever comes to built home,lord i really beleave you know every thing and you have arrange every thing for this.thank you lord thank you in jesus name amen.
lord please comfort our brothers and sisters in japan. please guide all of us from all nations to come together and use our knowledge, compassion, technology and money to help those who are suffering and in need. please lord have mercy and i am asking you to please use your devine healing hands to touch upon japan for a speedy recovery. thank you lord.
please guide me jesus.
jesus...i coult not leave my jasmine. i had made a big mistake. please take me in right way in this situation. i dont bother about soceity or anything or my parents...if you think that she is best for my life partner...please bring her to me. i had done big sins and all are chasing me now. please jesus save me and my jasmine!!! my family members are intrested me marrying someone they show. i want my jas back in my life...i love my jas. please save my jas.. please jesus. i dont know what to decide at this time.
mj d.
ive many sins dear jesus, please forgive me... i need your help...
jon s
lord jesus i asked that you rescue me like you always have, your love is all i need , i lack in faith and give into temptation because i am weak...please jesus i can not do this anymore? i can can take the burrdens that this world and myself have placed upon me. please guide me out of this mess and into your arms where i will again be safe and loved. i pray in you name jesus amen
i know god loves me, he can see me but i can't ..i've loost my family along time ago..i haven't seen them in a long time, :) .. but thank you jesus for shinin light on me while my life was dark thanks :d now i have a wonderfull son.
jesus please i am writing this message so that if you don't hear me you can read my message. i need a baby, a child and then you can take my eyesight even my whole life i'd give to you with all my pleasure. please answer me answer your own child.
hai jesus my prob is i am loving a guy he is an christian ,but i am an hindu.he said if u marry me u need to convert into christian i said ok ,,after 1 and half year and in thier house parents came to know completely he is in love very deeply .so in their house they came to know they told they will not accept me because i am an hindu and they told i am a third class family ..i felt like dying jesus..because i love him so much .because of him i loved u jesus a lot%u2026.he is saying that if my parents accept me then only he will marry i am all alone i don no what to do jesus..his name is derick rozario.x and his mom name is jain elizabeth and his dad name is xavier.s and his sister name is jennifer ..they all cum to fgag church weekly its in indira nagar..even i want to be an christian even i should be a member in fgag church please help me jesus..i need him i love him alot,i need him so that i will struggle alot still i have life in my body %u2026.i need him..jesus i lost my lif
i want my visa soon to go to brazil to get my real love my beloved there...i love her so much and she also...i can not live without my real love.jesus ,please help me that i can get my visa soon...plzzzz...
danny r
dear lord jesus please forgive me for my sins ;i need your help despartly;please help me so i can help my family stay together;i need my wife and kids so much; i ask you in the name fullfil my heart;so i can be a better person;i beleive in you; i want a better life; need help;
danny r
dear lord d jesus please forgive me for my sins ;i need your help despartly;please help me so i can help my family stay together;i need my wife and kids so much; i ask you in the name fullfil my heart;so i can be a better person;i beleive in you; i want a better life; need help;
there is a song that says "into your hands i commit again with all i am for you lord." that is really all he wants. he wants for us too commit with all we are and thru that all things will come in his time.... what an amazing god we serve!
dear father i am believing u lot. but u r not showing ur blesses to me. am in lot of confusion in my life. i cant believe people. please help my mother and grand ma are not well cure them please. am searching job till now i didnt get. i need to study mba but no money in my hand. please arrange marriage with the person who is in my heart. please forgive me for my mistakes and wrong doing. please lord help to the person in the world who is in probs. please give solution for my prayer and confusion. please lord i beg u help me. more people teased me a lot. please show me to them as a good human being with acheivements. please please please lord i beg u. please pray for me.
lord jesus thank you father thank you rabbi rabbi kindly clean my heart kindly be with me kindly give medicine to my mind so that i should not creat any thing doubt in my mind about faith.father kindly please be with us so that money can be arranged for my son's birthday arranging in coffee house.lord i beleave you hear my prayer and given answer.thank you rabbi amen
dear lord
i love him i know that he is already have a family and i'm just somebody ,i dont know if he really love me lord pls forgive for my sin all of it happened because of love and i love him ,i dont ask u to take him from his family but pls make him love me as long as i still alive in this world ,i cant live without him,
please lord help me.change my life and have mercy on with me jesus.give be blessings my lord
lord you know before i ask. please bless me lord. times have been so hard for so long. i know that you will bless us for what we need. my wife and i love you so much. we are both thankful for everything. you have never not blessed us. our relationship with you is strong. we will never loose faith lord. please bless us for what we talk to you about every day. lord we know that you hear us. thank you so much lord!!!
lord please hear my prayers to you. i am in desperate need of blessings from you. i know you hear my cry out for what i talk to you about each day and night. i am begging your blessings upon my wife and i lord. you have always been there for us. lord watch over me and my wife today and everyday. thank you lord. our love for you and our relationship with you will always remain strong. god bless us.
your child!
please please please talk to me! i don't know what you want me to do, i can't hear what your saying to me. i have nothing but one, live for nothing but for one. i'm tired! i want to say i can't but i know as long as you live, i can but i don't want to anymore, not like this! tell me and i'll do it, make your words be known. i feel to just give up, sit and wait for you but i can't, you know i can't! what you want me fi do? i give all thanks and praise to you, in your name i pray amen
good morning lord. today is sat and like everyday my wife and i start our day talking to you. lord you know the prayers that we pray for in our life. thank you for everything. we both are thankful for what we have. as you know these past months have tested us. i know you have a plan for us since we moved here. please bless us with your plan sooner than later. we love you lord. tonight at 6pm we will be at church to hear the word and praise you. thank you so much lord.
last night we hear that the business that we have been praying about has decided to close. lord as you know we have prayed to you for a business just like this one that is closing. we are meeting the former owner this morning. lord we are praying that this is what you have had us wait for. you taught us patience and lord please let this be the business that we have been patience for. thank you lord. bless us today.
please!!! jesus i pray for your will shall be done on me...i really need to know.
john moore
at this time i feel like i want jesus to just take me away from this place in life, right now.
please dear heavenly father help me get jeasus in my life. help me bring my family back togrther. let my wife be blessed with jeasus;s power. let my grand kids see what the power of jeasus can do. pray for my kids siblings wife and i and any one that wants jeasus in there lives; amen
lord help me i ask for help and save and healing love and i cry for jesus
seng sokkon
my father in the serious ill. we spend a lot of money to treat him. but he still not get well. only jesus could help him. please help my father jesus. jesus please offer him a healthy and make him get well from the illness. now i'm very sad and worry about my father and i don't know what to do. i only think about jesus and i pray to jesus for my father. he is a good father. he works to hard in the sick for family. now he sick, no one can't help beside of jesus. and i hope only jesus help my father. please jesus help my father i pray.
jesus i need your help, let me make it in this life, please lord
rev. sheryl
oh lord, i interceed for all these children who cry out to you father. i ask for your mercy lord, heal those who need healing, be it in their bodies or their souls. father i cry out to you on behalf of my brothers and sisters in christ, who are in pain. forgive their sins father, heal their hearts and souls. let the holy spirit come upon them father, fill them with your presence and peace beyond understanding. be with them through there trials. give them the strength to stand strong in you and lift you up through these trials. father your word says where 2 or more come together in your name and ask in your name, you will be with us. so father, we all stand together and with one cry "father abba father, help and heal your children who cry out to you in the name of jesus christ, yeshua". we exolt you father, and we know your ways are not our ways and your thoughts are not our thoughts, but we know your promises for us in jeremiah 29:11 that you know the plans you have for us, plans to pr
a.purna rajeswari
hhhhhhhey god wil help us.... plz be righway in lord jesus thank u
wow thats cool i love it realy
oh jesus iam in debits. iam unemploy.i have no children.
need your help jesus to get me married to the one i love. please give him strength and courage so that he will convience his parents and will marry me.please come down.
please help. you know what is in my heart. i need help to go on. i'm so tired and disenheartened.
father i need your help .. i am week .. i want to walk in your path .. i feel guilty alwayz .. forgive me ..
jesus pleae don't forgive me knowing it's sin i did many please be with my mona she is ur child i'm not jesus
lord i want u.. just u.. always..4ever.. pls dont leave me or put me2test.i m afraid of dis world..
dear lord, please pray for my family, my wonderful kids, and the health of my aging parents. please also pray for the well being of the dear pastor john carlson of the christian prayer center. they have blessed me with many prayers, and i pray that they are all well. please also pray for my neighbor and their current issues. god bless.
deon jones
my whole life is messed up!
snaip neymar
lord thank you for your blessings on me.lord i"m not wealthy.i don't have much money,but i have u.father my life is so satisfied.i belief u can help me my weakness.
Hey guys, my life is really hard especially at school. I'm going to high school and always have a lot to study. Please pray that I'll do it well and that I can deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ. My classmates don't know Jesus yet and really swear a lot about him. PLease pray that I can show them the truth. be blessed girls and boys Johannes
I know it is not always easy especially going through high school. You will do well! God wants to bless you so much. He has your best interests close to his heart.I'm glad you are sensitive to where your classmates are at, that shows the heart and spirit of God in you. Pray for them, that God would work on their hearts and give them revelation on who he is and be open to allow God to use you to show them his love to them. Your doing great, believe me. Your doing better than what you think. I am praying for you. His plans are good for your life, trust him! Bless you
Lord, i beg, do something to pay my debts by not having another debts. Please, work miraculously. In Jesus name, Amen!
Lord, please Help me my enemies have hidden a trap for me,In jesus name, Amen!